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Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate Upgrade (includes SP1)

Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate Upgrade (includes SP1)
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Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate Upgrade (includes SP1)

Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate – The Best That There Is

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What exactly is Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate?
Microsoft Windows Vista is the latest Operating System (OS) to come from Microsoft and is designed to replace the aging Microsoft Windows XP. Vista is available in various versions and Microsoft Vista Ultimate is the all encompassing top end version.

It is a common misconception that Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate is only meant for large companies with complex applications. Many people think that Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate is meant only for use in environments like large corporations. While it is true that Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate is the most comprehensive version of the OS, and supports the kind of applications one would expect to find used in large corporations, it is also a great OS for the stand alone PC or a personal notebook.

In fact, Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate has proven to be ideal for the small business owner or self employed professional who has one PC or notebook where all business and personal data is maintained. Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate offers all the entertainment and gaming options that personal use demands as well as all the business functionality that a businessperson could need.

What makes Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate so good?

Microsoft Windows Vista has been created to increase the ease and fun of computer usage. At the most basic level it offers a far more attractive appearance and interface options that any of the earlier versions of Microsoft Windows – color schemes, transparencies, appearances are among the cosmetic changes designed to make the screen more appealing. This is what is called the Aero interface

But beyond this is the functionality that Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate offers that makes it really stand out. This is the first time an Operating System has combined the high end infrastructure and features of a top class business OS with the mobile productivity options of a notebook OS and the entertainment facilities that are needed for personal computing.

Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate offers all this along with the highest levels of security, reliability and ease of use.

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Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate – what’s new.

  • Managing open windows is easier than ever using the Flip feature. And you no longer have to open a window to see its contents because when you move the cursor over the taskbar, a thumbnail tells you what’s there.
  • You can sort save and organize your data in the way you want. Microsoft Office Vista Ultimate offers you all kinds of options to save data based on the parameters that are important to you.
  • Most people who have used computer for some years have experienced a crash that cost them all their data. Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate has a Backup and Restore feature that means that you no longer have to worry about this problem. You can recover data that has been accidentally deleted or lost in a hardware failure with just a few simple steps.
  • The Shadow Copy function allows you to easily revert to earlier versions of documents when you need to refer tot hem or if you find newer versions unsatisfactory.
  • Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate is available in 35 languages so the same computer can be used by people who speak different languages.
  • The Microsoft Windows Vista Fax and Scan feature makes receiving faxes and scanning documents easier than ever before.
  • Transferring data from your old computer with an older OS is easy using the Windows East Transfer facility.
  • And once the computer is up and running, Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate self diagnostic and self healing capabilities ensure that you do not have to be an IT expert to keep your computer running as smoothly and efficiently.
  • Security is becoming an ever increasing area of concern. Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate offers the highest levels of data security and the easy to configure and fully automatic Firewall offers the best defense against spammers and malicious hijackers and hackers that there is. And if any threat does manage to breach this first line, Microsoft Widows Defender kicks in automatically to stop any malicious software from damaging your system or data and also removes it from the computer.
  • Surfing the internet also has dangers. The new Internet Explorer 7 with anti-phishing technology, dynamic security protection and hacker and malware defenses makes sure that you and your computer are safe while online.
  • The File Encryption System uses randomly generated keys to offer the highest levels of data security for both your business as well as personal files and records.
  • Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate incorporates the Media Center which offers TV viewing and recording of TV shows for playback at your convenience.

There is a lot more to Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate – after all it has to justify the name “Ultimate.” While the other versions of the OS all have their specific applications and advantages, only Windows Vista Ultimate offers users everything in one convenient easy to use and reliable package. You do not have to be the ultimate computer user to benefit from the advantages that Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate offers.

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Computer Requirements
Computer and processor 800 MHz processor
Memory 512 MB
Hard disk 20 GB with at least 15GB of available space
Drive DVD-ROM drive
Display  800x600 SVGA
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