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Microsoft Office 2003 Standard Student & Teacher Edition for 3 PCs

Microsoft Office 2003 Standard Student & Teacher Edition for 3 PCs
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Microsoft Office 2003 Standard Student & Teacher Edition for 3 PCs

Reliable And Easy To Use – Microsoft Office 2003 Standard

MS Office 2003 – Tried and Trusted

Although a later edition of Microsoft Office appeared some years ago, many loyal fans still continue to use the Microsoft Office 2003 edition. Its not that there is anything wrong with the 2007 version of Microsoft Office – it is a great office productivity suite. But Microsoft Office 2003 Standard offers the user just about all the features needed in normal business operations, so many people did not feel the need to upgrade when the new version came out.

Also for smaller businesses, those not in a position to invest more or those that do not need the latest computer hardware, using Microsoft Office 2003 Standard makes sense because it does not demand much in the way of hardware. Remember that the suite was developed to run on computers made in 2003 and earlier. That means that you can run Microsoft Office 2003 Standard on computers with a 133MHz processor, 128 MB Ram and a 360 MB HDD. For small companies who do not need more modern equipment, using Microsoft Office 2003 Standard makes sound economic sense.

And even for those who can afford more modern hardware and who have it available for use, if MS Office 2003 Standard with its proven reliability, speed and ease of use is enough to meet their requirements, spending more on a larger more resource-hungry new version does not really make much sense.

What is the MS Office 2003 suite?

The Microsoft Office 2003 Standard edition comprises of four software programs that cover just about all normal office applications:

Microsoft WORD 2003

  • Word 2003 is the most widely used semi DTP program in the world
  • It is easy enough for normal word processing to be done quickly and simply
  • At the same time it has many advanced DTP functions that are often required
  • It can be used for creating and editing web pages
  • Because it is so widespread in its usage, it is very rare to find a computer that is unable to access a Word 2003 document

Microsoft OUTLOOK 2003

  • A single point solution to all emailing operations
  • The calendar function makes scheduling and planning easy
Microsoft EXCEL 2003
  • The most popular and widely used of all spreadsheet programs
  • It makes creating records, financial statements and other documents very easy
  • Using and manipulating figures for analysis and projections is very easy with a simple intuitive user interface
  • The ready-made formulae make all kinds of calculation extremely easy and if the user so desires, more specific formulae for specialized application and results can be created.

Microsoft POWERPOINT 2003

  • This is the most popular presentation software in existence
  • Extremely easy to use, even a layman can create professional quality presentation that includes music, photos and even video animation if so desired
  • The ever-increasing number of ready-made templates and slide designs provide an easy resource for creating new and modern-looking presentations.

But the real advantage of Microsoft Office 2003 Standard is that the suite is more than the sum of the parts of the individual programs. With XML being the industry standard for information exchange, Microsoft Word 2003, Microsoft Access 2003 and Microsoft Excel 2003 all offer the exchange of XML data, thus enabling the creation of smooth integrated information exchange between business entities.

Besides this Microsoft Office 2003 Standard also offers facilities for centralized management of customer and other business related information. Easy-to-use wizards make creating email circulars, e-newsletters and other professional-grade marketing material easy, as do the 20 preformatted business report options that are part of the suite and which cover just about all the design and formatting options that may be required under normal conditions.

MS Office 2003 Standard offers free access to an ever-increasing number of business-related templates, multimedia content and clip art that can be downloaded and used to prepare high quality professional documents.

And Microsoft Outlook 2003 offers advanced levels of junk mail filtering and blocking of potentially dangerous attachments.

So while there is a new version of Microsoft Office available, Microsoft Office 2003 Standard continues to remain popular among those who want an office productivity suite that offers simplicity, reliability and ease of use without being resource-hungry and demanding high levels of expensive hardware. Microsoft Office 2003 is relatively cheap as a long time investment. Added to that the further discount through which you can buy this product make it a winning combination.

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Computer Requirements
Computer and processor 133 MHz
Memory 128 MB recommended
Hard disk 360 MB
Drive CD-ROM or DVD drive
Display 800 x 600 or higher resolution monitor
Operating system Windows® Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000 with SP3
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