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Microsoft SQL Server 2005 x64 Bit 1-Processor Unlimited Clients

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 x64 Bit 1-Processor Unlimited Clients
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Microsoft SQL Server 2005 x64 Bit 1-Processor Unlimited Clients

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 x64 Bit 1-Processor Unlimited Clients: Empowering Data Solution Software

Working on many IT applications each day can make some users frustrated or downright angry. Some apps are so complex and time consuming that they leave little time for anything else, eating up a whole day's worth of productivity and costing the company more time and money that is really necessary. For every man hour that is spent on a complex app that could be simplified and better performed the company is losing just that much in salary. Add that up to several hours per day and by the end of the week and you have lost a whole day or more, on average to needlessly complicated data-related applications.

If you are ready to upgrade and need a good, reliable data management system that will streamline many of your procedures by making them simpler to use and operate while continuing to be safe and secure, then you are ready to move into the Microsoft SQL Server 2005.

By making data easier to manage, your developers can become more productive which in turn allows you to store and retrieve more data, increasing your Business Intelligence. Because you are increasing productivity while still simplifying things, you will not be losing man hours to frustrated IT staff, allowing you to better control costs both to your business and ultimately to your customer. Whether you have a small Mom-and-Pop type company or a much larger one, Microsoft SQL Server 2005 can be the answer to your data management needs.

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 enhances and extends the strengths that were already in the previous software version (SQL Server) but allows for more in-depth IT productivity and information management without having to sacrifice either performance or security at any point in the application. You do not have to take turns to use the apps with Microsoft SQL Server 2005, it allows for data sharing across multiple platforms and you can access and retrieve information not only from the office computer, but integrated mobile devices as well.

Accessibility and ease of use is one of the best features of Microsoft SQL Server 2005- right from the start it saves you time and man hours by simplifying procedures. No need to re-enter all of your existing data to this software, it will integrate and assimilate with other systems and can even take over automation of routine tasks.

The Microsoft SQL Server 2005 software has 5 main features that are the selling points for your company, regardless of size. These features include:

  • Secure, reliable and user friendly apps for your business enterprise
  • The ability to maximize your IT productivity by streamlining apps.
  • Data sharing over multiple platforms, apps and devices.
  • Better cost control without losing quality
  • Advanced data core in manageability, productivity and ease of use.

The Microsoft SQL Server 2005 software works with the Microsoft Windows XP with SP2, Microsoft Windows Server 2003 with SP1, Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 with SP1 and Microsoft Windows 2000 with SP4 operating systems.

Being able to manage data without sacrificing the app itself, security or complicated procedures that eat up IT time is among the key features of this software for your business needs. Regardless of company size, everyone has data that needs to be stored, maintained, retrieved, updated and researched -being able to do it quickly and efficiently is better for everybody including the customer, especially if it saves costs in the long run.

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Computer Requirements
Computer and processor 1 GHz
Memory 512 MB
Hard disk 775 MB
Drive CD-ROM drive
Display 1024x768 SVGA screen resolution
Operating system Windows XP Pro x64 Bit, Windows Server 2003 x64 Bit
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